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Tutoring/Study Skills

Free Peer Tutoring


FROM 3-4:30 PM

Spring 2021 Tutoring Flyer

Free Tutoring Flyer

Cal State Fullerton is offering a free Virtual Tutoring program for students The College of Education at California State University, Fullerton has created a free virtual tutoring program for the 1st-12th grade. Tutoring includes math, science, language arts, and social studies. In addition, the program has tutors who can tutor students who are taking high school Spanish or French, and students who are participating in dual immersion programs. Students/Parents may use this link to sign up for a date, time, and subject area.


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Additional Tutoring Options for Students

Mission Viejo Public Library Beginning in July of 2019, the Mission Viejo Library has subscribed to a new service called (a service of The Princeton Review) to provide live, one-on-one tutors to assist students and adult learners. This service is free to use with your Mission Viejo Library card!   For more information.


Guidance Office - Tutoring Resources are kept on file in the Guidance Office from local tutoring companies.  Please see the Guidance Clerk or Secretary for Assistance.

Need Help with Math?

Need extra help understanding math concepts in algebra?  Math Professor Larry Perez at Saddleback College put together a GREAT website to be used as a resource for students who need that extra push!!!

Log onto 

Also......  Got pesky algebra problems that won't go away?  This site has free tutors and even a place where you can enter your problem and get a solution.  It's genius.

Saddleback College Counseling Classes

saddleback college counseling courses

Sources: Information regarding Saddleback College courses was taken from the SBCC website.

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Saddleback Community College

Helpful Websites for Students Who Need Help with Studying

HowToStudy  Study skills are crucial to succeed in school.  This will help you with time management, listening and note-taking, organization, test anxiety, memory, textbook reading and more.

Quizlet  A fantastic free online study guide that's fun to use.  You can create online flashcards, study for tests, practice your SAT, study with friends and there's a mobile app, too.

Grammarly This will check our grammar and spelling online before you turn in your work.  Just paste and copy into the site and it will help you look your best in print.  It also checks for plagiarism before you get into trouble.

algebra Got pesky algebra problems that won't go away?  This site has free tutors and even a place where you can enter your problem and get a solution.  It's genius!

educationcorner   Study Skills for Students - Proven tips and techniques for studying smarter..not harder.

Study Tips

 Tips to Improve Study Skills

  • Develop a study routine, each day and throughout the week.
  • Always try and study at the same place and the same time.
  • Keep a daily “to-do” list
  • Choose one or two places where you can study regularly.
  • Set goals for yourself.
  • Do your reading assignments before the material is discussed in class.
  • Note-taking is also a skill that can be learned.
    • Cornell note taking
  • When it comes to long assignments or projects, it is important NOT to wait until the last minute.
  • No cramming the night before tests! Space out your studying and get enough sleep the night before.