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Summer School

Summer School 2019

Summer-School through CUSD:


CUSD’s online summer school is TBD. Registration is done through the Academic Advisors only. Students may request to take or repeat a class through their AA’s. The AA’s will then register the student(s) starting March 20th.

  • Current high school student’s registration begins  by the AA’s. Please inform your Academic Advisor if your student is interested in taking a summer class.  
  • Incoming 9th graders can be registered through their middle school academic advisors only. The high school advisors do not have access to the middle school students’ request for summer classes.

2019 Summer High School Options


  • Dates TBD
  • Coursework is online, work is completed at home; all exams are taken in person.
  • Students can enroll in a maximum of two courses
  • Mandatory Orientations are assigned based on the course enrolled in:
    • A-G college prep remediated courses: (Dates TBD)
    • Health: mandatory orientation (Dates TBD)

Available Courses

  1. Health: All students may take for original credit or remediation.
  2. a-g Social Science: World History, US History
  3. a-g Biology with additional in-class weekly lab meetings required
  4. a-g English English I-III
  5. a-g Math: Geometry, Algebra I or II

CSU/UC Approved A-G credit: Students may take a maximum of two classes to remediate a D or F

Students will be required to attend a mandatory orientation on one of the following days:

Dates TBD

  • These dates are based on the course the student registers for (see above) and cannot be changed.
  • Failure to attend the orientation will result in being dropped from the course.
  • Coursework can be completed at home, with the exception of exams.
  • CUSD district requirement: All tests must be taken in person.  A 1 hour testing time per week is reserved for each student. Daily open seating testing times are available for students with schedule conflicts.

a-g students must attend weekly instruction/ lab in addition to testing sessions.

  • Drop Deadline is TBD

Students that do not drop by the deadline will receive a grade on the CUSD transcript.

  • All coursework must be completed by TBD.
  • Some students may be able to complete the class prior to TBD.
  • All class meetings will be held at Aliso Niguel High School



Registration instructions:

Registration runs (Dates TBD) and enrollment is limited.  You must register through your current academic advisor.  Enroll early. Space is limited. Enrollment may close prior to May 25, 2018 if program is filled.

A detailed email will be sent on TBD with assigned orientation, testing times and dates.
CUSD online courses do not meet NCAA non-traditional core coursework legislation.



Pacific Coast High School online summer courses:

Registration Forms are now available in Guidance or can be downloaded from PCHS website.  Registration forms are to be given to the current academic advisor for approval and submission to PCHS. 

PCHS offers one July/August session:   TBD

A maximum of 10 credits may be taken to remediate a D or F grade or to make up credit deficiencies.  All courses are online and are research based - students have access 24/7 Students must have an individual working email to enroll (No Sharing) & cannot be a school district email address.

All correspondence will be sent to the student’s email address.

Weekly submission of work is required.

Each course has a detailed syllabus.  

Math courses require a mandatory in-person or online final exam during the final week of the semester - syllabus will have details


Note:  Students may not enroll in courses at ACCESS & PCHS simultaneously  


Courses Offered: Electives (Not  a-g Courses):  

  • Cyber Skills* - Not a CCP Course (5 credits), Health and PE (with AP approval only)

UC Approved Courses:

  • English 9-11 (5/10 credits),

  • World History (5/10 credits),

  • US History (5/10 credits)                 

UC Approved Math Courses:  

  • Algebra 1 (5/10 credits),

  • Geometry* (5/10 credits),  

  • Algebra 2** (5/10 credits),

  • Pre-Calculus *** (5/10 credits)         

*May be taken for original credit with approval of Academic Advisor                                                                   

**Algebra 2 course at PCHS will not replace Honors Alg II/Trig                                                                                       

*** Pre-Calculus at PCHS will not replace grade in CUSD Honors Pre-Calculus


To enroll, student will:

1. Print out entire 7 page July/August Enrollment Forms from the PCHS website or pick up an application in guidance.    Application   

2. Complete the first 6 pages and bring completed application to current Academic Advisor, between (Dates TBD).   Academic Advisor will review paperwork, initial approval of courses and attach an unofficial transcript. Parent and student must sign forms.

3. Save the Course Login page for your records.

4. Read the July-August Subsidiary Agreements (Not necessary to print).

5. Academic Advisor will give completed packet to the Capistrano USD Summer School Coordinator, for signature on the Community School Referral form.

6. CUSD Summer Coordinator will submit all enrollment forms to PCHS.  


7. Incomplete forms or forms with missing signatures CANNOT be processed.  The CUSD Summer School office must receive completed forms no later than 3:00 PM on (Dates TBD) which means ALL applications are due into the guidance office by 3pm on (Dates TBD) Enroll Early - Enrollments are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  Classes may fill and close prior to (Dates TBD), as they have the past two summers.

8. Once enrollment forms are submitted, course changes must be done on an Add/Drop Form (available from the “Forms” page of the PCHS website.)   ADDS and CHANGES must be made by (Dates TBD). Course DROPS may be made through (Dates TBD). Add/Drop forms may be faxed to 714.508.0215.


PCHS will:

Enroll all students with COMPLETE enrollment packets in the requested courses on a first-come, first-served basis.  Students will receive an EMAIL for either:

a) Confirmation of Course Enrollment

b) Indicating course is closed/student NOT enrolled

General Guidance Information Quicklinks

General Information

The high school summer program emphasizes academic preparation for those students who are not achieving at an appropriate level and/or still need to pass the California High School Exit Exam. For more information, contact your child’s teacher or academic advisor at the high school

Summer School program for all Capistrano Unified School District students’ entering grades 10-12. Students are eligible to attend this remedial program if they are:


  • Making up credits needed for high school graduation
  • Repeating a course in order to make up a failing grade (F) or improving a low grade (D)
  • Improving basic skills to pass the California High School Exit Exam


Courses will be offered contingent upon sufficient enrollment. Due to funding and staffing limitations, it may not be possible to accommodate every student who applies for Summer School. Waiting lists will be established for Summer School as necessary. Summer School Website