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Registration (Current Students)

Fall 2021 Class Registration Information


Registration Packet Cover Letter

How to add classes to your Aeries student portal

CORE Class schedule CHANGE FORM

If you would like to change a core English, math, science, social science, world language or course listed in your student portal you must use the Core Placement Change Form.  Any request to change a core class or college prep visual performing art class may affect UC/CSU a-g or private university college admission requirements.  Any changes may require the student to contact the admissions office to the colleges being considered and verify the change will not negatively impact admission status.  Please see SJHHS courses offerings sheet for a list of classes.

Link to the Core Placement Change Form

Summer Registration Dates


Packet Pick-Up Dates

  • July 19, 2021         (9:00AM-12:00PM)
  • July 20, 2021         (4:00PM-7:00PM)
  • July 21, 2020         (9:00AM-12:00PM)


9th Grade Parent Bootcamp

  • Click the LINK to go to Bootcamp Presentation

9th Grade Student Orientation (Students Only)

  • Wednesday, August 11, 2021: Last Names A-L - 8:00am-12:00pm
  • Thursday, August 12, 2021:Last Names M-Z - 8:00am-12:00pm


Registration Dates

Freshmen Registration

July 30, 2021 - check packet for assigned times

Sophomore Registration

July 29, 2021 - check packet for assigned times

Junior Registration

July 28, 2021- check packet for assigned times

Senior Registration

July 27, 2021- check packet for assigned times

Make-Up Registration

Monday August 2, 2022

Current 9th Grade Students
  1. Students must take at least 5 classes as a sophomore.
  2. All sophomores need a math, science, English, PE and social science class for the whole year. Students will need to take a world  language to meet UC/CSU a-g requirements.
  3. Students need a minimum of 50 credits by the end of your Freshman year to be on track for graduation.
  4. Students who need 7 classes will have have priority for a zero period. No guarantees for 7 classes
Current 10th and 11th Grade Students
  1. Juniors need a minimum of 120 credits to have a 5 period day. Seniors need a minimum of 160 credits. There is no guarantee of what period you will have off. All students must plan to be at school until 2:45pm each school day.
  2. College prep students need Visual and Performing Art.
  3. Saddleback College Course register online at Some classes may be used for high school credit.
  4. 6 classes are needed to be eligible for zero period. Zero period is not guaranteed.
  5. Students should not plan on leaving at lunch everyday. A schedule of periods 0-4 or periods 1-4 with a Saddleback or CCA class is very unlikely. We must balance classes to provide the best learning environment for all students.
Physical Education for 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Students

PE 10 Team sport (SOCCER): Examples include but are not limited to soccer, flag football, ultimate frisbee, and capture the flag.  Sport specific fitness as well as lifelong fitness concepts will also be incorporated. ((Course Code 3272) PE 10 Team Sports (Soccer will show on your class schedule))

PE 10 Individual or Dual sports (Badminton): Examples include but are not limited to badminton, pickleball, tennis, and backyard games.  Sport specific fitness as well as lifelong fitness concepts will also be incorporated. ((Course Code 5211) PE 10 Individual/Dual Sports (Badminton will show on your class schedule))

Yoga: Students coordinate movement and breathing to flow from one pose to another improving flexibility and strength.  Lifelong fitness concepts will also be incorporated. ((Course Code 6952) Yoga)

Strength & Exercise: Students complete a series of stations to improve strength and conditioning using barbells and dumbbells in the weight room.  Lifelong fitness concepts will also be incorporated. ((Course Code 3201) Strength & Exercise)

Power Walking: This course is designed to promote aerobic and cardiovascular fitness through power walking. Students will learn about the muscular system, weight management, nutrition, stress reduction, and other benefits of lifetime fitness activities.  Students will participate daily in walking activities that occur both on and off campus **off-campus parent permission form required. ((Course Code 6961) Power Walking)


Students interested in taking a zero period must add Course Code 7976 for a Zero Period Request in the Student Portal by the final day of registration.  Zero period is not guaranteed and zero period courses are limited. Students with a zero period will also have a 5th and/or a 6th period.  All students who has a zero period in their schedule for the 2019-20 school year will sign a Zero Period Contract (Link Here).


  1. Classes are yearlong. Exceptions are afterschool CCA and Aiding
  2. Level down/drop deadline 6 weeks if space available. NOT GUARENTEED


Career and College Advantage courses (CCA) for all CUSD high schools. Afterschool CCA cannot be added electronically. Tell your advisor at your individual meeting if you are planning on taking one of these classes.

CUSD High School Course Catalog