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Come discover your passion for dance at San Juan Hills


The San Juan Hills Dance Department offers an exciting and enriching program to every individual. It provides our students all aspects of dance training and performance opportunities. It provides training in ballet, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and various styles of jazz including but not limited to character and stylized jazz. Each dancer will have the opportunity to experience proper stretching exercises, alignment, and strength and body conditioning. It also fosters the development of student choreography and encourages individual discipline, creative expression, and leadership. Students will experience working with various professional dance artists and will perform in the winter collaboration concert and the spring dance concert. They will also work collaboratively and showcase their own choreography in a concert early spring. It is our goal that individuals who graduate from the program will be confident in their movements and their training and will feel inspired to continue dance in college or at a professional level either in choreography and/or performance.



Year 2-4

Lindsay Backer

Nikki Baker

Hailey Flowers

Sloane Goldfader

Autumn Ground

Noelle Hansen

Sarah Hansen

Jamie Lewis

Skye Lewis

Marydith Macabale

Katie Phillips

Christine Sprague

Sofia Votava


Year 1 and BID

Jennifer Becker

Kendall Carney

Thalia Fernandez

Julia Finman

Jacey Greene

Julia Kowalski

Ava Olsen

Sabrina Severson

Anastacia Swords



THANK YOU to the 130 dancers who came out to audition for the dance program today.  Below is the list for level placement for next school year.


Please attend the NEW TEAM MEETING for ALL dance production members and parents on TUESDAY, JUNE 5 AT 6:00 P.M. in the SJHHS dance room.  Also invited to the meeting are any Beginning Intermediate level dancers who are interested in joining our modern dance conservatory (only open to new 9 and 10th graders and returning members) and/or would like to be considered for a leadership role.



Apostolache, Alina  11

Apostolache, Jordyn (pending medical)  11

Backer, Lindsay  12

Baker, Nikki  12

Carney, Kendall  10

Flowers, Hailey  10

Ground, Autumn  12

Hartstein, Jenna  12

Jones, Isabella  11

Kowalski, Julia  9

Lewis, Jamie  10

Lewis, Skye  11

Lynch, Tayler  12

M, McKenzie  12

Macabale, Marydith  12

McCanna, Cali  9

Olsen, Ava  9

Phillips, Katie  10

Sprague, Christine  10

Votava, Sofia  12


Abiang, Rylee  10

Carlson, Hannah  12

Cox, Grace  9

Crotty, Camryn  10

Daggett, Reilly  12

Del Monico, Alessia  12

Dimler, Allison  11

Dostis, Jillian  11

Fernandez, Thalia  9

Fernquist, Grace  10

Frontier, Francesca  10

Goldfader, Sloane  12 (end of summer re-eval for adv)

Greene, Jacey  9

Hansen, Noelle  11

Hansen, Sarah 10  (end of summer re-eval for adv)

Howes, Sydnee  10

Huckabaa, Dakota  12

Jacobsen, Marissa  12

Koclanis, Ashley  9

Mallen, Madelyn  11

McCartney, Annika 9

Paquette, Genevieve  10

Perlas, Emma  10 (end of summer re-eval for adv)

Ramirez, Aileen  11

Sarayba, Una  11

Schultz, Torrie  11

Stern, Madeline  10

Tabone, Jillian  10

Yamano, Kylie 12



Abel, Ellie  10

Algernon, Sabrina  11

Aylor, Sabrina  11

Babbitt, Denni  9

Ballew, Giselle  10

Becker,  Jennifer  11

Berkampas, Maya  10

Breen, Emma   11

Chase, Emma  11

Doezie, Eden  10

Felix, Bethzy  11

Finman, Julia  11

Frutos, Isabella  11

Frutos, Sophia  9

Gordon, Bella 9

Guiso, Gabby  11

Hanks, Madeleine  10

Hernandez, Emily  12

Jackson, Angelie  11

Jones, Meredith  9

Jones, Sadie  12

Keeler, Mabel  12

Linn, Natalia  9

Magnelli, Jacqueline 10

Metcalf, Mya  10

Monaghan, Rylee  12

Moreno, Luis  12

Ord, Kaitlyn  12

Raubach, Isabelle  10

Rothman, Zach  11

Severson, Sabrina   9

Smith,  Grace   9

Swigart, Sophia  11

Swords, Anastasia  10

Torres, Cheyenne  11

Tran, Rachelle  10

Weintraub, Ivana  11

Wilson, Hayley  9

Yan, Alexis  9

Yuen, Alexandria  10



MARCH 2018


Here's the link to our Titanic winter pep rally performance. JANUARY 2018

Fusion Trailer

Watch our video trailer for our winter show now =)


Pep Rally Performance date: September 8, 2017



Pregame Performance video

SJHHS Dance Makes The News!

Please use the link below to read an article in the OC Register about our student choreography show from February.


Here's the link to our performance from the pep rally on Friday, January 20, 2017.

10 "Marvel"ous Years Homecoming Performances

September 23, 2016


Theme: Marvel Comics


Link to the pep rally performance:


Link to the pregame performance:

Basketball Game Half Time Performance

Fantasy Vs. Reality Student Choreo Show Award Winners

ATLANTIS Winter Pep Rally 2016

January 2016


Link to our Atlantis winter pep rally performance.


Here's the link to our Homecoming performance on September 25, 2015. The theme this year was Peter Pan. Enjoy!

Back Cover Pic.jpg
Dance Production 2016-2017
Dance Production 2016-2017
Dance Production 2014-2015
Dance Production 2014-2015
Dance Production 2013-2014
Dance Production 2013-2014
Dance Production 2012-2013

Homecoming on the Range 2014

Here's the video from our Homecoming Pep Rally performance.

Harry Potter Homecoming 2013

Here are the videos from our Homecoming performances. Kaiden Gerlach as Harry Potter. Jackie Ward as Hermoine. Greyson Hanson as Ron. Taylor Block as Voldemort. Kenley Farace as Snape. Jackson Harper as Cedric. Alexis Macadam as Dumbledore.

Dance Production Pregame Performance


Dance Production Pep Rally Performance

Harry Potter Homecoming Dance Production
Harry Potter Homecoming Dance Production

Battle of the classes pep rally routine

April 2013

Here's our silly sack routine =)

Winter Pep Rally Routines

December 2012

Anti-Bullying Dance

Spice Girls Dance


Sensei-tional Homecoming 2012 Pep Rally Video

Here is a link to our homecoming pep rally performance.

Choreographer's Ball 2012 Video

Click on the link to watch Choreographer's Ball 2012.

Disney "Imagination" Dance Recital 2012 Video

Here's the link to the Student Choreography Recital from February 2012. These are all student work and had to be related to our "Disney Imagination" theme. Amazing!

Dance videos 2011-2012

Wizard of Oz Production number - Advanced and Intermediate Dance Production

Sherlock Holmes - Advanced Dance

Cell Block Tango - Advanced Dance

Bulletproof - Advanced Dance

So Long...goodnight - Intermediate Dance

Grace Kelly - Intermediate Dance

Pirates and indians - Beginning Dance


Our Disney Imagination Dance Recital was held on February 9 and 10. Thank you to everyone who came to support us and made the show a success!

Winter Pep Rally 2011 Video

Here's a link to our winter pep rally performance

SJHHS Dance Program Movie

50 dancers attended the Saddleback Dance Symposium Field Trip on November 17, 2011. They took 2 master dance classes and watched the winter dance show.

Advanced and Intermediate Dance Production performed a "Wizard of Oz" themed dance at the Homecoming pep rally.

Dance Production participated in the 1st SJHHS Lip Dub Video on October 29, 2010. It is produced by the advanced video production students and will be used to promote the SJH performing arts department. Joined by the dancers were the students from the departments of theater, music, vocal, video, drawing & painting, ccp and photo. Everyone wore fun costumes and sang and danced to "Bang on the drums." The message is simple....."JOIN THE ARTS!"

OC Register Article about lip dub video.

Advanced Dance Production performed at the homecoming pep rally on September 30, 2010 in the SJH gym. The dance was titled "Mario's World Adventures" directed and choreographed by Mrs. Calder. Some dancers from Intermediate Dance Production and beginning dance helped crew the production. It started in Mario's world where Mario and his crew played and danced. Bowser and Donkeykong entered the scene and kidnapped Princess Peach. Now Mario will have to go through the fire world, water world, mario kart and finally get to Bowser's castle to rescue the princess. It was a bang of a performance and thoroughly enjoyed by the staff and students.

Below is a link to the performance. 

Winter Show "FUSION" 2010

Our winter show Fusion was held in December in the Collaborative Arts Theater. It was a collaboration concert with guest performers from dana hills dance, aliso niguel dance, ladera ranch dance academy and south coast freestyle. Great job to everyone who performed in the show and thank you to all the volunteers who helped us backstage in the dressing rooms, the crew and the lobby helpers too. Thank you to Laura Slye for organizing the volunteers.. Thank you to all the family and friends who came to see the show and supported us. Here are some links to our dances.  

Clash of the classes pep rally 2011

Advanced Dance Production performed at the Clash of the classes pep rally. Here's a link to the video of their dance. 

Dance production was invited to perform at the annual San Clemente Cinco De Mayo Festival on May 7, 2011. They performed 5 high enery routines in front of a big crowd of people.

Our recital was held on February 19, 2010. It showcased all student choreography. Dancers collaborated for a month and half and created original works of art. This show was a sell out! Great job dancers!  

Dance Program Director / Choreographer

Kristine Calder

CAPTAINS 2018-2019






2018 - 2019 Events and Performances

Updated June 6, 2018

Please reserve a few  days before each concert for tech, dancer's preview, and dress rehearsal. Choreographer's Ball (Dance production: reserve 1 1/2 weeks for this concert to include tech/light rehearsals, BID & BD Dance: reserve the 2 days before, Fusion Show (DP: 4-5 days before for tech)

ADP = Advanced Dance Production, IDP = Intermediate Dance Production, BID = Beginning Intermediate Program, BD = Beginning Program, ALL = Beginning, Beg/Int, Intermediate and Advanced


ADP n IDP n BID - Winter Concert "Fusion"Auditions - August 23 sign up on dance board

ADP n IDP - ASB pep rally homecoming rehearsal, call time TBA, September 27

ADP n IDP - Pep Rally - Homecoming 2018 - September 28

ADP n IDP - Homecoming Football Pregame 2018- September 28 call time 5:30 pm

ADP n IDP - Disney workshop field trip - TBA call time 8:00 am

ADP n IDP - Little Stallions workshop - November 9, 3:00 - 6:15 pm

ADP IDP BID - Winter Concert "Fusion"  - November 16 and 17 call time 6:00 pm

ADP- Winter Pep Rally - TBA

ALL - Spring Choreographer's Ball Auditions - January 10 sign up on dance board

ALL - Dance Recital Showcasing All Student Choreography - February 8 and 9

ALL - Stallion Showcase - chosen groups will perform - February TBA

ALL seniors - Senior Showcase Auditions - January 31

ALL seniors - Senior Showcase Filming day - February 15

ALL seniors - Seniors in Dance Program - Senior Dance Showcase - February 23

ADP - Spring Pep Rally - TBA

ALL -  "Choreographer's Ball" Spring Dance Concert  - May 24 and 25 (Dance production-start afterschool tech on May 16 for production number and upper/lower class dance. Run through May 21, dancer's preview  May 22, dress rehearsal May 23 Beginning/Int and Beginning Dance - May 22 and 23 for dancer's preview and dress rehearsal

8th graders - Alternate audition date for 8th graders - May 30 from 3:15-4:15 in small gym

ALL - Dance Program Awards Luncheon - May 31 at lunch

2017-2018 Adv and Int Dance Production Auditions - June 1 See below for full details.

ADP, IDP, BID - 2018-2019 Orientation meeting, June 4 at 6:00 p.m. in F08


As our program continues to flourish, it has become impacted. You may have noticed in your schedule options that dance has become unavailable to incoming freshmen as an option. However, if you are someone who is really interested in our program and want to learn how to dance but have no previous dance training, please still attend the production auditions, so that the judges and I may take a look at your potential, work ethic and movement quality, as exceptions can be made if justifiable. You may be put on the recommended list and might be filled into the available spots left after upperclassmen registration. Please see below for audition information. Thank you and Good Luck!!!

Advanced Dance Production, Intermediate Dance Production and Beginning/Intermediate Audition 2019-2020

Open to ALL Males and Females attending SJHHS 2019-2020

  • When: June 1, 2018, for all grade levels
  • Where: Main gym
  • Time: Advanced Registration starts at 9:00. Audition will begin at 9:15.
  • Intermediate and Beginning/Intermediate Registration starts at 11:15. Audition will begin at 11:30.


Can I tryout for both levels? Yes you can. If you come try advanced and it's too challenging or you feel that you didn't do your best, you may stay and audition for intermediate as well and vice versa.


Please fill out an application and attach a current photo to the form. You can pick up an application from the dance board in the dance hall or you can print it out from our dance page calendar (go to June 1, it's an attachment) or you can email me and I will send you the form.


The day of auditions:

  1. Arrive early. You need to warm up and stretch on your own before we start.
  2. Bring your completed application and photo.
  3. Wear ALL black dance attire. Any color shoes that you can turn in.
  4. Pull hair back. Remember, judges can tell how disciplined you are as a dancer by how you present yourself.Some NO-NO tips:  Loose bra straps showing, runned down tights, very low cut tops, tube tops, boxers hanging out, big skate shoes, etc. You get the idea
  5. Learn an across the floor combo which will include but not limited to, a variety of turns (pirouettes, chaine, pique, al a seconde, fouette, floats, attitude, around the world), a variety of flexibility components (such as kicks, extensions, splits, leg holds, leg hold turns, illusions, pitch), a variety of jumps (such as grand jetes, jumps in second, single stag, switch leaps, switch seconds, toe touch, firebird). Optional: Perform specialties such as pointe, tap, break, pop, lock, gymnastics/acro (more than cartwheels and round offs), any special tricks you can do. This is your time to show off who you are as a dancer. You are welcome to bring a couple of 8's of a combo to showcase your style. No music necessary. Any genre o.k. ONLY 2 counts of 8 max please!!!
  6. Results will be posted on our dance website the next day or two after auditions. This audition is for level placement. Please do your best! =)

If you are unable to attend your audition date due to a school activity or an out of state transfer, please email me ASAP so that arrangements can be made. Your make up auditions need to be made before the actual audition day.

Good Luck To All The Dancers!

Audition Make Up Day

Make Up Day is Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 3:45-5:00 pm for 8th graders. You will need to bring proof of the reason of your absence for the actual audition day. Examples of allowable excuses are 8th grade dance, 8th grade school trip, 8th grade graduation, middle school musical/play etc. Work schedule, appointments, detention, etc. are not considered allowable excuses. You will be recorded and the recording will be shown to the judges on May 26th when they arrive, where you will then be possibly placed somewhere in the program. Please email Mrs. Calder to schedule an appointment for make up day. Don't just show up, there night be no one there.

Have questions? Need More Info?

Please contact the director, Mrs. Calder, at

Visit the performing arts booster website

Parents! Do you want to get more involved with our department and be in the loop? Join P.A.B. (performing arts boosters) today. Visit their website for more information.