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Pre Enrollment Details

NEW STUDENTS to CUSD within CUSD Boundaries: Online Enrollment

CUSD On-line Student Enrollment allows you to begin the enrollment process for students who live within the district boundaries.  You must have a valid address in the cities served by Capistrano Unified to use this system. For information on enrolling a student who  is currently attending and will be transferring schools within CUSD, contact the office at the appropriate school assigned to your residence to have your records transferred. Please do not complete the Online Enrollment process.


On-line Enrollment for the 2022-2023 academic year will be available February 4, 2022.


Please note that enrollment is not complete until the On-line enrollment information has been reviewed by the school. Additional school forms will be needed to be completed and the proof of residency must be verified. The school site will deem the entire enrollment process to be complete and acceptable after you meet in person with the Registrar. 

School of Choice (SOC)

The school of choice window will be announced on the District website.  Parents of district students (CUSD) who would like their child to attend a school other than the school serving their neighborhood, should follow the process outlined under the School of Choice.

School of Choice Application Period

The SOC window for the 2022/2023 school year will typically open in February, please check for dates when posted. .

Apply for SOC


Visitation Days:

Families from our feeder schools and students attending private, online or charters schools within our attendance area are invited to attend our Stallion Showcase. Please see the SJHHS home page for details.

Application Period:

Applications must be submitted online during the open enrollment windows.



This academic year has reduced the calendar dates available for appointments.  Working within the time constraints, the Guidance Department has designated several dates to schedule appointments for those families enrolling into SJHHS. Families will need to meet with an academic advisor at a different time to set their student's schedule. 

Students who have special accommodations and/or individual education plan need to enroll are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible to ensure the best transition into high school.  

Families must be residing within the SJHHS attendance boundaries and/or have approval to attend prior to scheduling an appointment. Appointment dates will be listed on the website as soon as they are available.

Students enrolling after the start of the academic year are welcomed to enroll as walk in appointments during the morning hours. Students will be expected to enroll and begin school the same day after the start of the academic year.   


The interdistrict transfer agreement process applies to those parents who wish their children to attend school in a district other than that in which they reside. All interdistrict attendance agreement requests must be initiated in the district of residence.