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PE 9

What is PE 9?

PE 9 Activities is a one-year, required course for all 9th graders who are not participating in a team sport, dance, cheerleading, marching band, or band auxiliary. PE 9 focuses on improving the fitness level of each student and preparing them to pass the Physical Fitness Test given in March /April. Students must pass 5 of the following 6 tests:   

- 1 mile run

- Push ups

- Sit ups

- Trunk lift

- Sit and reach

- Body composition  

To accomplish these goals, students work each day to build muscular and cardiovascular endurance as well as flexibility. Students also develop sports related skills through units such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, kickball, ultimate Frisbee, and tennis. If a student does not pass PE 9, he or she must repeat the semester in 10th grade before being able to take a PE elective.

Physical Education Courses