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Special Education

Welcome to the SJHHS Special Education Department

At SJHHS, Special Education is a program designed to meet the unique educational needs of individuals with disabilities who meet the eligibility criteria under the law. Instruction is designed in order to provide students the opportunity to expand their abilities in a variety of areas including academic, social and emotional. The Special Education team look forward to creating a strong partnership with the student’s family in order to ensure a successful educational experience at SJHHS. Feel free to contact the students case carrier or Special Education Department Chair should you have any questions or comments.


Here is a link for the parent support network:  HERE

Special Education Teachers and Staff
Daniel Camacho Education Specialist
Sarah Alvarado Education Specialist
Marnie Feely (949) 234-5549 School Psychologist
Amber Martinez Education Specialist
Kristen Medina-Sabad Education Specialist
Jennifer Mele Education Specialist
Rachel Page Special Education Department Chair
Leah Smith (949) 234-5900 Speech Pathologist
Kimberly Stanga Education Specialist
Holly Ta (949) 234-5900 Intervention Specialist