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AP Digital Exam App Download and More
Posted 4/16/21



Hi SJHHS Registered AP Students,


Please read the entire message as it contains important information and reminders about AP Testing this year.


2021 AP Digital Exam App

District Chromebook

Windows & iOs devices

(Laptop, Mac, Desktop)

Personal Chromebook

The app is AUTOMATICALLY downloaded for you. You will need to click on “apps” in the bottom left corner of the screen BEFORE you sign into your chromebook

The AP Digital Exam App is available for download for Windows and iOs devices. Link to download:


2021 AP Digital Exam App is NOT compatible. You will need to pick up a District Chromebook.  

All students should open the app and log on using Collegboard Account information. If you don’t know your login information to Collegeboard, contact AP Services for Students at 888-225-5427. If the app is not working properly, you will need a district chromebook.

It is important that everyone is able to log on successfully because the app provides practice questions so students can get used to the app. There is also mandatory set up for each digital exam that students will complete prior to each exam. More info about this later.


District Chromebook Distribution

  1. Reminder: Personal chromebooks cannot be used for the AP Digital Exams!
  2. If you need a chromebook:
    1. 11th graders: You can pick up a chromebook now from the Admin Office because it will be the same chromebook you will use for your SBA testing the week of April 26th.
    2. 10th/12th graders: Please standby. I will communicate when 10th/12th graders can start picking up chromebooks.


Students returning the week of April 26

  1. The AP Exam schedule and format is staying the same even though some students are returning to school 4 days a week.
  2. Students who have digital exams will continue to take these exams at home. Students are excused from school when they take their AP exams, unless they choose to go to class when not testing.


For AP Students and Parents

  1. The Advanced Placement Program® will host a webinar to share information about the importance of the upcoming AP® Exams and how to prepare for them. We encourage AP students and their parents to register for the event. Thursday, April 22, 2021, at 7 p.m. ET- Registration for student & parent webinar: Click Here


AP Daily:

  1. Live Review sessions will begin next Monday, April 19! These daily lessons will help AP students prepare for their AP Exams. Click Here


More info about AP Digital Exams:


AP Exam Schedule and Format:

In-person (Paper) exams:

Spanish Language (Tuesday, May 11 8AM)

French Language (Friday, May 21 12PM)

Spanish Literature (Friday, May 21 12PM)

Calculus AB/BC (Monday, May 24 8AM)

Physics 1 (Monday, May 24 12PM)

Physics C: Mechanics (Monday, May 24 12PM)

Chemistry (Tuesday, May 25 8AM)

Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism (Tuesday, May 25 8AM)

Statistics (Tuesday, May 25 12PM) 


Digital (At Home) Exams:

English Literature (Tuesday, May 18 9AM)

Computer Science A (Tuesday, May 18 1PM)

Euro History (Wednesday, May 19 9AM)

US History (Wednesday, May 19 9AM)

Art History (Wednesday, May 19 1PM)

Macroeconomics (Wednesday, May 19 1PM)

Government (Thursday, May 20 9AM)

Psychology (Thursday, May 20 1PM)

English Language (Wednesday, May 26 9AM)

Biology (Thursday, May 27 9AM)

Environmental Science (Thursday, May 27 1PM)