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Instrumental Music

SJHHS Pit Orchestra Wins Orchestra of the Year
Performing Arts Conservatory

For students whishing to pursue instrumental music at a more rigorous level to best prepare them for a career in music, please consider our performing arts conservatory.  Please read the following documents for more information

instrumental music

Courses Offered In Instrumental Music

Concert Band - Concert Band is the core band at SJHHS.  We perform a variety of literature at concerts and festivals throughout the year and develop musicianship at the highest level.  This course is open to wind and percussion students of all levels.

Wind Ensemble - Wind Ensemble is the advanced band.  It is open by audition only.

String Ensemble - String Ensemble is the core string class at SJHHS.  We perform a variety of literature at concerts and festivals throughout the year and develop musicianship at the highest level. This course is open to all string studetns of all levels.

Chamber Orchestra - Chamber Orchestra is the advanced string orchestra.  It is open by audition only.

Marching Band - This band performs pep tunes at football band basketball games during the Fall semester, and performs a halftime show.  Students receive PE credit for being a part of this group.

Drumline - Drumline meets with the marching band during the fall, and continues to work on percussion only literature in the Spring.  Drumline receives PE credit for the fall semester, and they perform percussion literature at concerts in the Spring.

Pit Orchestra - Students have the opportunity to audition for the pit orchestra for the Spring Musical.  This class meets in the evenings during 2nd semester, and is a unique experience that is special to SJHHS because of our orchestra pit in our theater

For more information about any of these groups, please visit Dean McElroy's (director of instrumental music) home page.

18/19 calendar of events


February 9th, Stallion Showcase, Advanced Groups Only - Morning, Call time 7AM, perform 8AM, done by 8:35.

February 20th, Area Concert, Advanced Groups Only

March 12th, Tuesday, Concert, All Groups, Theater 6PM

March 19-21, CUSD Music Festival, Theater, All Groups, Days and times TBA

April, Spring Musical, TBA

May 28th, Tuesday, Dress Rehearsal, Advanced Groups, 6-PM

May 29th, Wednesday, Concert, All Groups, Theater 6PM

May 30th, Thursday, Awards Banquet, Theater 6PM

Patrons of instrumental music at SJHHS

At San Juan Hills, we are proud to support the musical endeavors of young musicians whether they want to pursue music for their career or have music as a significant experience in high school that will continue as amateur performers and patrons of music throughout their life. Your generous support helps us to bring an enhanced curriculum to these students, including the ability to purchase music, maintain instruments that are offered to those who cannot afford them, and to allow a mentorship with professional artists in the area. We appreciate your generosity in supporting the music students at SJHHS.Please Donate

Uzair Qureshi Memorial Scholarship Fund


In honor our dear friend, Uzair Qureshi, a member of our orchestra who tragically passed away after a brave fight with cancer in 2015, we have developed a scholarship in his name to honor students who represent the courage and passion for life that Uzair did.  Please visit Uzair's webpage.

Dean McElroy Director of Instrumental Music