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Independent Study

If a student will be away from the classroom for at least 5 days, an Independent Study Contract can be arranged through the Attendance Office.

This contract provides students with lessons/activities to complete while away from the classroom so they do not fall behind in their studies.  

To request an Independent Study Contract, the following procedures are necessary:

  • A telephone call, email, or note from the parent must be received at least 5 days prior to the student’s first day away from the classroom.
  • The student must be gone for a minimum of 5 school days, but no more than 10 school days.  (More than 10 school days requires written permission which must be authorized by a school administrator).
  • Students must have a minimum of 4 academic classes to qualify
  • The student is responsible for picking up the contracts, filling out all information on the contracts, and gathering all required signatures and homework assignments.
  • At least one day prior to the student leaving on the trip, he/she must bring all completed contracts with homework assignments to the Attendance Office for processing.  The student will then be given all paperwork/assignments to take on the trip.
  • The first school day after the ending date of the I/S Contract, the student must turn in all homework to the Attendance Office (not the teacher).  If the student does not attend school the first day after the ending date of the contract, arrangements must be made to have the I/S packet including all assigned work, returned to the Attendance Office. This is for auditing purposes by the state.  The Attendance Office will return all homework assignments for grading purposes to the teacher after processing.

If these procedures are not followed, the contract becomes invalid.

Please contact the Attendance Office at (949) 234-5568 to arrange an Independent Study.