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Graduation/Senior Activities

Upcoming Dates and Deadlines!

Senior Portrait - Deadline - 12/20/19 - Don’t be left out of the yearbook – make your Senior Portrait appointment today. The last day for your portrait is December 1st. Discount rates available for qualified students. Please contact South Coast Photographic at (949) 699-0199 or visit

Grad Night - Deadline - 12/3/19 - Sign up for grad night by December 3.  Price increases from $140-$190 after December 3. Click link below to download the grad night packet.  Please return packet and payment to the front office. Grad Night PacketPaquete de Noches de Graduacion SJHHS

Cap & Gown - Deadline - 12/11/19 - Jostens will be on campus taking cap & gown orders on December 11th.  After December 11th cap & gown prices increase from $30 to $50. For the basic $30 cap & gown package (includes: cap, gown, tassel, and medallion) click the Jostens link: cap & gown basic package. Visit for other graduation and senior regalia

Extra Graduation Tickets - go on sale 4/13/20 - See below for more details

Senior Brunch (part of senior gold card) - Deadline to purchase - 5/22/20 - $35 includes all you can eat brunch and $10 game card.  Brunch is from 9-11am on 6/3/20.

Senior Panoramic Photo (part of senior gold card) - Deadline to purchase - 5/22/20

Graduation 2020 Information

June 4, 2020

Badlands Stadium, San Juan Hills High School

4:00 PM

Arrival Time – 2:30 PM parking lot opens; 2:30 PM gates to stadium open

Graduates Arrival Time – 3:00 PM (graduates report to gymnasium)

Graduation lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours

Parking/Shuttle/Drop Off

Every graduate will receive 1 pass to park on campus (2 if they were selected in the lottery). This parking pass will be distributed with the graduation tickets and caps and gowns at the mandatory graduation rehearsal on June 4th at 9:00am in the gym.  

  • Parking - To park on campus the day of graduation, all cars that enter must have a graduation parking pass.  This is not the school issued parking passes that students purchased to park on campus throughout the year.  Cars will be directed where to park. 

  • Shuttles – There will be shuttle service from Ladera Ranch Middle School (LRMS) and Esencia K-8.  Shuttles will run continuously from LRMS and Esencia K-8 to SJHHS beginning at 2:30 PM. Shuttles will run until 4:00 PM.  After the ceremony, shuttle service will run from SJHHS to LRMS and Esencia K-8 until 7:00 PM.

  • Accessible Parking – There is accessible parking for persons with disabilities available on our campus.  Accessible parking will consume your 1 parking pass that is given and spots are limited.

  • Drop-Off - There will be a designated drop off for those arriving via Uber, Lyft, or other means of drop-off.

Graduation Tickets 

Graduation Tickets – Every graduate will receive 5 free tickets to graduation.  Students will be able to purchase additional tickets for $10.00 each.  Tickets will be on sale in ASB and online. We will have additional bleachers and chairs to accommodate 4,500 guests.  Additional tickets will be sold as follows only while supplies last:

  • Round 1: April 13- – April 19 – All graduates will have the opportunity to purchase up to 5 tickets to graduation.

  • Round 2: April 20 – April 26 – All graduates will have the opportunity to purchase up to 5 more tickets.

  • Round 3: April 27 – May 3 – Graduates can purchase as many tickets needed.

Grad Night – Grad Night is the night after graduation at Califronia Adventure and House of Blues. Visit The Grad Night Site for more information. Grad Night is not a school sponsored activity and is run by the SJH Academic Foundation.

CAP & Gown Orders

All caps & gowns must be purchased through our vendor Jostens. Deadline to purchase the basic cap & gown package at the lowest price, $30, is December 11. Click link to purchase basic package: cap & gown basic package


Commonly Asked graduation Questions

What can we not bring to graduation?

Umbrellas, balloons, coolers, and air horns or other obnoxious noise makers are not allowed in the stadium. Umbrellas/balloons can obstruct views, coolers are unnecessary (snack bar will be open), and air horns are deafening.

When do we receive our graduation tickets, our 1 parking pass, and caps & gowns?

At the mandatory graduation rehearsal the morning of graduation.  All seniors need to arrive at 9:00am to the gym on June 4th for a rehearsal.  After the rehearsal, caps/gowns/tassel/medallion, graduation tickets & parking pass, and panoramic photo if ordered will be distributed.

Can I arrive early and save seats or wait in line?

No, the stadium is shutdown until 2:30 when gates open. Any blankets/chairs that make it into the stadium prior will be swept. School is still in session and finals are taking place.  Our campus is not open until 2:30 allowing time for students and parents of underclassmen to exit the school site and for the parking lot to be cleared and prepped for graduation.

We have a person with disabilities and need accessible parking, does that count as my 1 parking pass?

Yes, every graduate receives 1 parking pass to park on campus.  Accessible parking is limited and on a first come first serve basis. 

Will anything be done about the weather?

The weather cannot be controlled. June can be hot and June can be gloomy.  Check the weather prior to the event and dress accordingly.  Hats and sunscreen are our friends.

Will there be accessible seating for persons with disabilities at the event?

Yes, there will be seating for persons with disabilities and their families on the track. Like parking, this is limited, and on a first come first serve basis.

Can my graduate wear leis and other sorts of regalia during the ceremony?

Only school provided/approved regalia may be worn during the ceremony.  This regalia is distributed during senior awards and consists of cords, stoles, and medals that are directly related to and approved by SJHHS. Leis can be given to graduates after the ceremony and look great in pictures! 

What should I wear under my gown and on my feet?

Clothes and shoes!  After graduation there will be pictures taken by family/friends.  Think about what you want to wear under your gown that will make your family happy during pictures.  Many graduates wear dresses and dress clothes.  Absolutly no heels on the turf!  The heels will not only poke holes in the turf, but they will also get stuck and you may fall.  Flats, flip flops, or wedges please.

Will there be a photographer taking pictures of graduates receiving their diplomas?

Why of course there will!  South Coast Photographic will be taking a still shot of each graduate holding the diploma and another shot of the student receiving the diploma on stage. Click the image below to view the flyer.