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College Testing - SAT and ACT

****NEW CHANGES September 16, 2020****

If COVID-19 conditions permit, SJHHS will be open for the SAT on November 7 and December 5 and ACT on December 12. These test dates may still be cancelled at any time.

Very limited spots so commit accordingly. 

ACT Registration Information and Dates for 2020-2021


Register for the ACT: ACT
The ACT is typically taken during the spring of grade 11 or during the fall of grade 12

SAT Registration and Dates for 2020-2021


Register for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests: College Board

The SAT is typically taken during the spring of grade 11 or during the fall of grade 12

It is recommended that students take the Subject Test after completing the course they are testing for.  


What are the SAT Subject Tests?

Unlike the ACT and SAT, which cover multiple subject areas and take several hours to complete, the SAT Subject Tests are One Hour exams that test knowledge in a specific curricular area/subject. For more information regarding the SAT Subject Tests, or to register for the Subject Tests please visit

Students can take SAT II Subject Tests from the areas listed below.  It is recommended that students take the exam in June of the year they are enrolled in the particular subject they are testing for.  (I.e. SAT II US History test in June of the 11th grade year).

  • English Literature
  • Social Science (World History, US History)
  • Mathematics - level I or II
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • World Language

Suggested timeline for registering for the SAT Subject Tests

  • English Literature: Spring semester of grade 11
  • Social Science: World History - Spring of grade 9 if enrolled in World History Accelerated; Spring of grade 10 if enrolled in World History.  US History - Spring of grade 11
  • Mathematics: Level IIC - Spring of grade 11
  • Science:  Biology (take E for ecological), Chemistry or Conceptual Physics - Spring semester of the year/grade you take the course.
  • World Language: Spring of grade 11

Please note:  Students enrolled in AP level courses will take AP Exams during the month of May, therefore it is recommended that you do not register for ACT, SAT I or SAT II exams during the month of May.

List of all universities that require SAT II subject tests (PDF)

CEEB High School Code


Please Note...

For senior students applying to CSU or UC: The last possible test date to sit for to meet admissions document submission deadline is DECEMBER for both ACT and SAT I and SAT II.