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College/Career Visitor Schedule

Date:                  College Visiting:                                  Time:                               Location:

09/17                 University of San Francisco                 Tutorial                           Guidance Office

09/18                 Colorado State – Pueblo                      Tutorial                           Guidance Office

09/18                 Grand Canyon University                     Lunch                             Guidance                        

09/19                 Washington State                                  Tutorial                          Library

09/24                 University of Illinois                              Tutorial                           Guidance Office

09/24                 Loyola University Chicago                    Lunch                             Guidance Office

09/25                 Boise State                                              Tutorial                           Library

09/25                 University of Colorado, Boulder          Lunch                              TCR

09/26                 UC Santa Barbara                                  Tutorial                          Library

9/26                   Baylor                                                       Lunch                             Guidance Office

10/03                 Arizona State University                        Tutorial                         Guidance Office

10/03                 UC Berkeley                                             After School                  TCR

10/08                 Purdue University                                   Tutorial                          Guidance

10/08                 Point Loma Nazarene University          Lunch                            Guidance

10/08                 Vanderbilt                                                 After School                  Guidance

10/09                 University of Iowa                                   Tutorial                          Guidance

10/09                 Texas Christian University                      Lunch                            Guidance

10/10                 Oregon State                                            Tutorial                          Library

10/10                 Chapman University                                Lunch                            Guidance

10/15                 St. Mary’s of California                           Tutorial                          Guidance

10/16                 University of Florida                                Lunch                            Guidance

10/17                 Boston University                                    Tutorial                          Library

10/17                 Syracuse University                                Lunch                             Guidance

10/22                 Northern Arizona University                 Tutorial                          Library

10/22                 University of Alabama                            Lunch                            Guidance

10/23                 University of Oklahoma                         Tutorial                          Guidance

10/24                 Johnson and Wales University              Tutorial                          Guidance

10/24                 University of San Diego                          Lunch                             Guidance

11/07                 George Mason University                      Tutorial                           Guidance

11/07                 University of Massachusetts                 Lunch                              Guidance 

11/12                 University of Missouri                            Tutorial                           Guidance    


Top Factors in Admissions Decisions (In Order):

 According to the NACAC State of College Admission 2010 Report

  • Grades in College Preparatory Courses
  • Strength of Curriculum
  • Standardized Admission Test Scores
  • Overall High School GPA
  • Essay
  • Teacher and Counselor Recommendations
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Class Rank
  • Student’s Demonstrated Interest 

Here's What to Ask!

Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force ROTC Scholarship Information

Many universities and colleges in the country offer an ROTC or NROTC curriculum. To search ROTC/NROTC programs click on the following links or contact the college's Military Science department for more information on their particular program.

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Attend a Virtual College Fair

College Week Live frequently hosts virtual college fairs with online admissions chats with college representatives for multiple universities and colleges. Students, parents and educators can all participate for free. Click on the following links to register and for more info.