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SJHHS Attendance Procedures

It is our desire at San Juan Hills High School that students attend classes regularly and have a successful year. To that end, each family is requested to maintain regular communication with the Attendance Office. Below are some useful guidelines/procedures regarding absences, calling your student out early, and truancies.

All Day Absences:

(949) 234-5592    24-Hour Absence Line

If your student is going to be absent for the entire day, please call the 24-Hour Absence Line.  Do Not Leave Requests For Early Outs On The Absence Line! This is a voicemail service that does not ring in the office; your request may not be heard until much later in the day. Please provide the following information:

  • The date(s) of the absence
  • The person calling (name and relationship to the student)
  • Your child’s full name
  • The reason for the absence must be clearly stated

Excused Absences may include: illness, medical or dental appointments, death or serious illness in immediate family, religious holidays, quarantine, or immunization exclusion.


Tardies: (949) 234-5568

Students who arrive late to class create not only a disruption to the classroom, but also a loss of valuable instructional time for the student. All students arriving late to school must report to the attendance office and sign in at the window - even if arriving during passing period/lunch.  A parent/guardian must call prior to lunch to verify the reason for arriving late to school. 


Leaving school early: (949) 234-5568

All students must sign out prior to leaving campus!

If a student needs to leave before the school day is over, a parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office prior to the student leaving campus. Students may also provide notes signed by parents with the time/reason the student needs to leave. It is extremely busy in the attendance office during lunch.  It is highly recommended to call in the morning to arrange for your student to leave.  Calling early in the day, or dropping off the note prior to the first class of the day, allows the student to pick up the 'Early Out' slip during passing periods or lunch which saves time and reduces classroom interruptions when they need to leave.  Due to time constraints, the Attendance Office staff may not be able to assist with parent requests for a student to leave campus early within the last 20 minutes of the school day. Please refrain from making requests during this time period. 


**If a student becomes ill during class time and wishes to go home, the student should not call or text home, but should ask the teacher for a pass to the Nurse's Office.  Arrangements to go home will be coordinated through the nurse.


Truancies:  (949) 234-5933

Any unverified absence that is not cleared with the Attendance office within 3 school days becomes a truancy.  If your student receives a truancy letter, this absence must now be verified through the Truancy hotline (see phone number above).

*Please ensure the Attendance Office has up-to-date phone and/or email information so that we can communicate all absences in a timely manner. Please use your Parent portal to periodically check your student's attendance records and update any contact information.


CUSD Attendance code matrix

  • A = Unverified Absence
  • B = Left Campus Without Permission
  • D = Truancy Conference / Discipline Office has addressed the instance(s)
  • E = Student left school early (unexcused)
  • F = Funeral
  • H = Truant (Absent Without Permission OR Unverified Absence More Than 3 School Days)
  • I = Illness
  • J = Student left school early (excused)
  • K = Religious Holiday
  • L = Excused Absence (Medical, Religious Retreats, Court Appt, College Visits)
  • M = Independent Study
  • N = In-House Suspension
  • O = Office (Nurse, Attendance, Guidance, Discipline, Counseling)
  • Q = Unexcused Tardy > 30 min
  • R = ATS (Alternate Suspension at DO)
  • S = Suspension
  • T = Unexcused Tardy < 30 min
  • U = Unexcused Absence (Personal Reasons, Vacation, Traffic, Weather, Transportation Difficulties)
  • V = Verified School Function or Activity
  • W = Completed Independent Study Contract
  • Y = Excused Tardy


Delivering messages or personal items

To maintain a learning environment that is uninterrupted, the Attendance Office does not deliver items or messages to students. Students are responsible for bringing everything with them at the start of the day. This includes homework, study materials, uniforms/sports equipment, and lunches. We appreciate your understanding that valuable instructional time should not be interrupted.


attendance staff

Jody Van Zanten

Attendance Clerk

(949) 234-5568

Martha Stein

School Clerk II

(949) 234-5568

Attendance Office Hours:

7:30 am to 3:30 pm

To Report an Absence:

24-Hour Absence Line

(949) 234-5592

To Request an Early Out/Report a Late Arrival:

Please call (949) 234-5568

Early Out Request ~ It is highly recommended to call early in the morning.  Calling early in the day allows the student to pick up their pass during passing periods or lunch when leaving the campus throughout the day.  We strive not to interrupt classrooms; especially during 5th & 6th period! Notes signed by parents are also accepted; please include the time/reason for early release!

Reporting a Late Arrival ~ All students arriving late to school must sign in at the Attendance window upon arrival to campus.  A parent/guardian must call to verify the late arrival prior to the beginning of lunch.