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Student Services

Welcome to Student Services

Student Services Department focuses on student safety, social/emotional well-being, attendance, and discipline.  We also have information regarding locker locations, bell and block schedules, library hours, and counseling located to the right.


Student Services Department

Assistant Principal - Mr. Jindra

Mr. Jindra 

Assistant Principal

A - L 

Assistant Principal - Mr. Kim

Mr. Kim

Assistant Principal 

M - Z



Counselor - Jenna Jordheim

Jenna Jordheim

Counselor A - L

Counselor - Kasey Kessler

Kasey Kessler

Counselor M - Z

See Counselor's Corner for More Information


School Psych - Marni Feeley

Marni Feeley

School Psychologist



Intervention Specialist - Holly Ta

Holly Ta

Intervention Specialist

Speech Pathologist - Leah Smith

Leah Smith

Speech Pathologist



Student Services - Alma Parson

Alma Parson

Student Services Secretary

Student Services - Jan Garland

Jan Garland

Student Services Secretary


phone text pic

SJHHS Text-A-Tip (949) 607-8463