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Concurrent College Studies Program

Saddleback College

Concurrent College Studies Program

All CUSD students have access to a valuable arrangement between CUSD and Saddleback College to take classes at Saddleback College and gain high school credits at no charge. Many of these courses are transferable to either the California State University or University of California systems. 

All of the Saddleback College courses are available as electives and do not replace CUSD required core courses such as English, history/social science, mathematics, or science. However, this does not prevent students from taking additional courses within other disciplines beyond CUSD graduation requirements.

Any time a CUSD student enrolls in a Saddleback College course for Concurrent Enrollment credit, he/she must be enrolled in a course giving at least three credits/units. If a student elects to enroll in a course offering a lesser number of credits, the student must select other courses until the amount of credit for the semester equals three credits. Physical education courses are not eligible under the concurrent studies program.

District Policy 6146.11 states “College courses will be equated to high school credits on the following basis: each semester unit of college credit is equal to 3-1/3 high school credits.”

How do I register for a class at Saddleback college?

Saddleback Admissions Enrollment Steps

1. Complete an Application for Admission

Apply online to Saddleback College.

2. Complete and submit a K-12 Special Admission Request Form

Be sure you have the appropriate signatures (School counselor, principal, and parent) and school seal.Download/Print the form (PDF). Submit the K-12 Special Admission Request Form in-person or by mail to the Admissions and Records office on or before the specific submission deadline date.

Reminder: You must submit a new K-12 Special Admission Request Form each semester/term you wish to enroll.

3. Register for Classes

Follow these directions to register for classes online.

Remember: All students must meet all prerequisites for the classes in which they wish to enroll. Information about prerequisites can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

4. Pay Fees

If fees are not paid by the class payment deadline, the class will be dropped. Please visit the Student Payment Office Website for more information. (Enrollment fees are waived for concurrently enrolled students in grades 9-12 but students are responsible for payment of the nonresident tuition, student health fee, material fees, and parking fee, if applicable.)

CUSD - Saddleback College Approved Concurrent College Studies Course List

Students may enroll in any of the courses listed on the attached Approved Concurrent College Studies Course List for elective credit. The first group of courses, listed under Transfer Courses may also be used as transfer credit to either the University of California or the California State University systems. The second group of courses, listed under Advanced Specialized Study, is intended either as advanced specialized study or workplace preparation.

Should a student wish to use a Saddleback College course as his/her 5th high school class (grades 11 and 12), the class MUST be from this list, and the student must see their Academic Advisor to complete an Alternative Education Contract. The course will count in the GPA and it will not be weighted.  

PLEASE NOTE: Some colleges and universities may not accept college course work for transfer credit if that course appears on your high school transcript.  

Students must download and complete the Special Admission Request K-12 Students form from the Saddleback College or SJHHS website. Signatures must be obtained from the students Academic Advisor as well as a school administrator before the registration process can begin at Saddleback College..

 Approved concurrent college studies course list (DOCX)

Fullfilling the UC - CSU Visual Performing Art Requirement (F Requirment of A-G) by taking a class at Saddleback College

Students may take one of the semester classes listed on the Approved Visual Performing Arts Class list (see below) at Saddleback College to meet the ONE year requirement for a Visual and Performing Art (F requirement of the A-G course sequence) necessary for admission to the UC/CSU schools.   If the student chooses to transfer the grade to San Juan Hills High School to be posted on their transcript, the student will receive 10 elective credits toward graduation.  

Approved classes to meet the visual and performing arts requirement (DOCX)

General Guidance Information Quicklinks

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