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Attention Incoming 8th Graders and Parent of Incoming 8th Graders 

Below is information for your 8th-grade students about our interview night coming up next Wednesday, February 24th at 5:00 pm on Zoom.

  1. All students are welcome to interview.
  2. Interview night will start at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, February 24th, and will be held on Zoom. We will open Zoom at 4:50 pm to allow the students some extra time to get situated.
  1. We will do a short presentation about our program and then get immediately into the interviews

Zoom Link Below

  1. After the brief introduction, incoming 8th-graders will be put individually into breakout rooms with a current SJHHS AVID student.
  2. Our AVID students will be conducting the interviews and everything will be submitted via a Google form for us to review at a later time.
  3. The interviews will take between 5 – 10 minutes and all interview questions will be based on ideas surrounding why they want to join AVID and what they hope to accomplish while in our program at SJHHS.
  4. After the interview is over, the interviewer will tell the interviewee that we will:
    1. Review interview Google forms and middle school AVID teacher recommendations (by early March)
    2. Make final decision and send email confirmation to applicants (by the end of March)
  5. We are requesting that incoming 8th-graders dress to impress for their interview, have an email address (student or parent) to communicate with and be ready to answer questions in a clear and concise way.
  6. We have done away with the 1-page essay requirement due to the challenges of collecting them while on Zoon.
  7. We are anticipating that this will not take very long and should be done by 6:00 pm. We have around  40 AVID students that will be conducting the interviews and have gone through the process to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.
  8. As always, we look to continue to grow our program and will accept as many students into our program as our numbers will allow and will work to ensure that students who complete the interview process and receive a strong/positive recommendation from their middle school AVID teachers receive priority.
  1. If any of you, your students, or parents have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an email at

AVID is a nationally recognized program designed to help bright, motivated students in their completion of college-prep coursework while in high school, in hopes that these students will be able to gain acceptance to 4-year colleges or universities directly from high school.  

It is a bridge to get students to college. Guest speakers and field trips to local universities! AVID students are typically bright, average or above-average students with no chronic disciplinary or attendance problems.

Students in this program have a B or C average and are not discipline issues. They want to be successful! AVID students typically need assistance with organizational, planning and study skills in order to reach their full potentials. Students may be among the first in their families to attend college, although this is certainly not always the case!  

Students enrolled in this class will receive elective credits and would be in this class in lieu of CCP or Geography. If you are interested in participating in AVID or have further questions regarding this program please contact Mr. Briggs, AVID Coordinator

AVID Recruitment Brochure
SJHHS AVID Brochure 2021
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SJHHS AVID 2019/2020 Family
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Advancement Via Individual Determination

Congratulations to Brenda GALVAN for being the 2020 - 2021 SJHHS AVID Senior Standout! 
AVID Senior Standout 2019

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AVID Teachers
AVID Teachers
Tanislado Bracamontes Math/AVID Teacher
Charles Briggs AVID Coordinator / Social Science Teacher
Justin Elenes (949) 234-5997 Academic Advisor
Janey Gidion English Teacher
Brianna Lazatin Math Teacher
Lorena Perez Sanchez Spanish Teacher
Fernando Sotelo (949) 234-5997 Academic Advisor
Fernanda Villalba Spanish Teacher/AVID