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San Juan Hills High School

Capistrano Unified School District

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    LINK will be LIVE at 6:30pm May 21st




    5 STAR Student Rewards!

    Click the 5 STAR image to view how many 5 STAR points you have! Make sure to download the 5 STAR student app.



    Say Something

    Say Something Anonymous Reporting System allows you to submit secure & anonymous safety concerns to help identify and intervene upon at-risk individuals BEFORE they hurt themselves or others.

    Say Something Campaign

    IMPACT Teen Drivers - Parking Pass Eligibility 2020

    • Current Sophomores and Juniors Only (class of 2021 and 2022)
    • Saturday, May 23rd [CANCELLED]
    • Tuesday, July 21st [CANCELLED]


    We will be offering an online, virtual version of IMPACT Teen Drivers instead of our GYM sessions, due to the current situation.  Please read this section completely!

    Students and Parents who plan on purchasing a park permit at SJHHS for the first time next year must complete the online module linked below. If you are a current junior and already have a parking permit, you do not need to attend an IMPACT session. If you have already attended the presentation last year, but did not receive a parking pass this year, you do not need to attend an IMPACT session. These sessions are required for parents & students who are going to be first time parking pass purchasers, who have not attended an IMPACT session.

    The module takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. The school will receive confirmation that students and parents have completed the module after the student AND their parent each take the mandatory surveys at the end of the module. At the end of the module, take a screen shot or a picture of the completion note for your copy that you have taken the module, for your own records.

    IMPORTANT: The online program will open on Monday, May 18, 2020 and will close on Friday, July 10, 2020. Students must complete the online educational module by midnight Friday, July 10, 2020, to be eligible for parking permit applications. Students who do not complete the module by Friday night will not be parking permit eligible.

    To access the GDL module, use the following link:

    CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE REQUIRED CALIFORNIA GDL MODULE (clicking and submitting info before May 18 will result in an error message if you try and submit information: "An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator."). Wait until May 18th.

    Tips on how to navigate the online educational module

    • Use School Information to submit info (city: San Juan Capistrano)
    • Use a computer or Chromebook (not a phone or iPad) to complete the module.
    • Click on the white forward arrow located at the bottom right of the screen to advance the module.
    • Complete all questions on the quiz.
    • Take a screen shot or picture of the completion page.

    *Parking Permit Applications for all Seniors and Juniors will be collected during registration week in Late July/Early August. More procedures and timelines will follow if/when school closures are lifted.


    Early Out Requests/Late Arrivals  (949) 234-5568            

    Please call early in the morning to make arrangements for students leaving early.  Students must pick up their slip during a passing period to avoid classroom interruptions throughout the day! /  When students are late to school, a parent/guardian must call prior to lunch to verify the reason for arriving late.

    24 Hour Absence Line        (949) 234-5592             

    Please do not leave requests for early outs/late arrivals on this line.

    For more information on attendance procedures, please click on the Attendance Quicklink at the top right of this webpage.

    24 Hour Absence Email - School Loop 

    This email is for reporting absences only. Early Outs/Late Arrivals will not be reviewed and no reply will be provided to any questions or concerns.  This email account is for reporting absences only.  Emails will only be accepted through a Parent School Loop Account.

    To utilize this method, please login to School Loop, click Loopmail, and write an email to:

    "SJHHS Absence Reporting Only (will not reply)."



    Aerial View of Campus

    About Us


    At San Juan Hills, we Ride for the Brand.  This means that SJHHS students:

    Balance academics, activities, and social/emotional needs.
    Respect and include those from all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.
    Apply higher-level thinking skills to a broad range of college and career contexts.
    Nurture relationships with their communities and positively contribute to society as a whole.
    Dedicate themselves to setting and reaching meaningful goals.