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San Juan Hills High School

Capistrano Unified School District

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    Seniors and Senior Parents - click on the picture below to be directed to our Senior and Parent Info Presentation on our Guidance Homepage!!


    Bell and Block Schedule



    The Guidance Schedule Change Portal link is below.  Logging in will become active on Tuesday, 8/18/2020.  The deadline to submit requests is Friday, October 2nd. 

    Dropping a course not needed for graduation, or leveling from an AP/Honors course to a corresponding content course (ex: Honors Biology to Biology) will be the only acceptable schedule changes being made. Leveling may not be an option for AP Elective Courses (ex: AP Biology).

    As tryouts continue for athletics, the Guidance Office will work with each student who makes a team and change the student from PE to the appropriate athletic course. 

    Sign up now! click image below

    Deadline to sign up is Wednesday and the Tournament begins next week.  SJHHS winner will face off against Tesoro's winner live streamed!


    Daily Announcements
    2020-2021 SJHHS Approved Clubs

    Click "Join a Club" below to see all ASB approved clubs for the 2020-2021 school year.  List will be updated as clubs continue to be approved. Deadline to submit a club application is Friday, September 11.



    Say Something

    Say Something Anonymous Reporting System allows you to submit secure & anonymous safety concerns to help identify and intervene upon at-risk individuals BEFORE they hurt themselves or others.

    Say Something Campaign


    Early Out Requests/Late Arrivals  (949) 234-5568            

    Please call early in the morning to make arrangements for students leaving early.  Students must pick up their slip during a passing period to avoid classroom interruptions throughout the day! /  When students are late to school, a parent/guardian must call prior to lunch to verify the reason for arriving late.

    24 Hour Absence Line        (949) 234-5592             

    Please do not leave requests for early outs/late arrivals on this line.

    For more information on attendance procedures, please click on the Attendance Quicklink at the top right of this webpage.

    24 Hour Absence Email - School Loop 

    This email is for reporting absences only. Early Outs/Late Arrivals will not be reviewed and no reply will be provided to any questions or concerns.  This email account is for reporting absences only.  Emails will only be accepted through a Parent School Loop Account.

    To utilize this method, please login to School Loop, click Loopmail, and write an email to:

    "SJHHS Absence Reporting Only (will not reply)."


    Aerial View of Campus

    About Us


    At San Juan Hills, we Ride for the Brand.  This means that SJHHS students:

    Balance academics, activities, and social/emotional needs.
    Respect and include those from all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.
    Apply higher-level thinking skills to a broad range of college and career contexts.
    Nurture relationships with their communities and positively contribute to society as a whole.
    Dedicate themselves to setting and reaching meaningful goals.