The Mane Event

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Mane Event 10-30-2015

Intro: Attack of the Mane Event, Halloween Etiquette, JVFootball, 3D Modeling Class, Closing: Throwing Halloween Candy

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Mane Event 10-27-15

Intro: American Horror Story, Exit the Body Promo, Student Spotlight: Naill O'Hanlon, Linktober Fest, Closing: I Love You, Stanley

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Mane Event 10-23-15

Intro: Pretty Little Liars, Dress Code, Advanced Dance, Griffin Snaza, Closing: The Ring

Mane Event 10-20-15

Intro: Shout The Mane Event, Surf Team, Student Spotlight -Brock Cazel, Questions, Closing: Closing Time

Mane Event 10-16-2015

Intro: We're Back, Parking Revolution, Freshmen Opinion of High School, Varsity Football, Closing: Club Rush