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Below is a list of San Juan Hills High School Clubs for the 2013-2014 school year:

2013-2014 CLUB ROSTER

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Click the link below to download the club application. You must have a minimum of five members and a teacher-advisor to begin. Turn in the application to the ASB office.

Club Application 2013-2014


Dance Contract

2013-2014 ASB


Milo Simpson - ASB President

Dylan Devaney – ASB Vice President

Amanda Kopen – ASB Treasurer

Brianna Samonte – ASB Secretary

Parker Smith – Senior Class President

Ryan Schickling – Senior Class VP

Meg Bergstrom – Junior Class President

Taylor Schickling – Junior Class VP

Lexi O’Hara – Sophomore Class President

Jenna Baum – Sophomore Class VP


Kayla Seyedjafari - Academics

Erin Moon - Activities 

Taylor Rocha - Activities

Allie Biedermann - Athletics 

Luke Biggs - Athletics

Lindsay Alarid - Campus Service, Staff, & Students 

Jameson Johnson - Clubs

Sarah Chade - Multicultural 

Logan Zotovich - Online Media 

Nieki Esmaili - Pep 

Connor Schmitt - Pep

Lexi Harm - Publicity

Gabrielle Heckler - Publicity

Ryan Brady - Student Reps 

Griffin Dennen - Technology 

Rachel Korajczyk - Technology

Nathan Romero - Technology

Alexis MacAdam - Visual & Performing Arts

Kendall Johnson - Senior Class Rep

Lexi Stuart - Junior Class Rep

Sanjan Kumar - Junior Class Rep

Amanda Rhodes - Sophomore Class Rep

Zac Minkin - Sophomore Class Rep

Amanda Rooker - Freshman Class President

Bryan Pope - Freshman Class VP

Macey Bergstrom - Freshman Class Rep

Mia Hargraves - Freshman Class Rep

Madison Wyatt - Freshman Class Rep