Choral/Vocal Arts

2015-2016 Audition Results

Welcome to the Family! We look forward to a great year with all of you!

Choir Executive Board 2015-2016

Congratulations to our Choir Executive Board for 2015-2016!

President: Jasmine Powell

Vice-President: Izzy Moore

Treasurer: Kali Winn

Historian: Faith Robertson

Librarian: Rachel Blugrind

The Program:

    The Choral/Vocal Arts Department at San Juan Hills is dedicated to the development of each individual student's musical abilities and fueling each singer's personal passion for singing. The Choral/Vocal Arts Program does this by focusing instruction on healthy vocal technique, musicianship skills - including sight-reading and music theory, solo singing technique, and choral ensemble singing technique. Students are also given opportunities to audition and perform on stage as a solo artist with both classical and modern repertoire. The program is always growing and we are excited for the future for the department and each of these talented artists as they continue their musical education.


     The Choral/Vocal Arts Program features four concerts in the 2014-2015 Academic Year with a Fall Concert, Winter Concert, Spring Concert, and  a Pops Concert. The Pops Concert will also be featuring a live rock band to accompany the choirs and the soloists. We invite you, friends, family and anyone in the community to come and join us this year at all of our concerts! We promise you won't be disappointed!

Bowling & CPK Social Event!

The Choirs

Chamber Singers

    The Chamber Singers are the most advanced choir in the Choral Department at San Juan Hills High School. This choir is an audition only choir composed mainly of upperclassmen with a musical background. The ensemble is geared towards those with a strong interest in singing and musicianship, whether it be solely here at San Juan Hills High School or in a future music career. The choir itself learns a great variety of music ranging over all time periods and genres, from early Baroque music to modern pop music, emphasizing all music styles as vital to the development of any musician. The Chamber Choir has rapidly become known as a heavily performing and educated choir and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Audtions for this group include:

  • Singing a solo excerpt
  • Vocalizing for test of range.
  • Sight-reading a rhythmic/melodic excerpt.

Concert Choir

     The Concert Choir is our wonderful women's ensemble on campus. There is no audition necessary. The student needs only the desire to sing. Similar to the Chamber Choir, they too sing a wide variety of music appropriate for singers of all ages and backgrounds.


Vocal Ensemble

     Vocal Ensemble is a volunteer group made up of vocalists within and outside of the vocal department. Meeting exclusively during the singers’ own free time, the group performs contemporary acappella repertoire for school functions and for choir concerts. The group often sees student lead rehearsals and/or sectionals run by the various officers in the group. The President of the Vocal Ensemble for the 2014-2015 year is Jasmine Powell.

Upcoming Events

8/25 - First Day of School

Announcing Our Vocal Music Conservatory Students!

Class of 2016

Kylie Lugo

Jasmine Powell*


Class of 2018

Calla Chung

Zoe Lambiase

Suju Park


*Choral Conducting Specialization


If you have any questions about the program or of any of the ensembles, feel free to contact Mr. Ushino: