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What is WASC?

WASC stands for Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  It is the organization that accredits all high schools and colleges in California and the Western US.  March 18-21, 2012  SJHHS welcomed the WASC Accreditation Visiting Team as the culmination of its first full accreditation process. The Visiting Committee validated the SJHHS WASC Self-Study and "commended (SJHHS) for its thoroughness in the preparation and continuous work in the Focus On Learning Process."

San Juan Hills was proud to receive a six-year accreditation. Many thanks to Sharon Spiers, the SJHHS WASC Coordinator, for her leadership in this process.  Sharon Spiers at slspiers@capousd.org.

New ESLRs (Expected Schoolwide Learning Results)

San Juan Hills High School Graduates are . . .

Successful:  We meet or exceed academic expectations.

Just:  We are tolerant, ethical, and open-minded.

Healthy:  We make self-disciplined, responsible choices that promote our well being.

Highly Competent:  We think critically, solve problems, and make informed decisions.

Skillful:  We communicate in effective and creative ways.

Read WASC Self-Study Report Here

Comments are welcome on our WASC Report .  Please contact Sharon Spiers at slspiers@capousd.org.