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Four Year Personal Learning Plan


During their 9th-grade-year students have the option to take the College and Career Planning (CCP) course which is a semester-long elective. Students who choose to take this course would complete Health in the opposite semester, which is a graduation requirement. The primary goal of CCP is to increase students' career awareness through career exploration to make informed decisions regarding their future post-secondary goals; educational and career.  

Academic Advisors will work with students during grades 9, 10 and 11 to devise  and refine a Four-Year Plan during the Fall semester.  The plan is ongoing project which spans from grade 9 through grade 12, allowing students to keep track of their graduation requirements as well as  requirements  necessary for college admissions. 

The Four-Year plan is completed in Aeries allowing students and parents access using their portal.

Grade Point Average

Semester grade point averages will be computed using the numerical value listed below (i.e. A=4). For AP and Honors classes only, grades points will be computed using a different numerical value (i.e. A=5).  Physical education classes are not counted in the computation of GPA with the exception of determining eligibility.

Regular or Standard College Prep Courses Advanced Placement or Honors Courses
A = 4 grade points assigned A = 5 grade points assigned
B = 3 grade points assigned B = 4 grade points assigned
C = 2 grade points assigned C = 3 grade points assigned
D = 1 grade points assigned D = 1 grade point assigned
F = 0 grade points assigned F = grade point assigned

A Typical Plan for the College Bound Student

Below is a typical plan for a college bound student; following the minimum UC/CSU a-g course sequence.  Please note that each students plan will be as individual as they are depending on such factors as their academic strengths, what career choice they wish to pursue and what college or other institute of higher learning they chose to apply to or attend.  Students and parents can use this plan as a guide and then personalize it according to their academic and social involvement in school.  Detailed information regarding the UC/CSU a-g course sequence.

Please note that this plan starts with world language I during grade 9, which may not be consistent for all students.   Other options include:

  1. If a student is not enrolled in a world language course (i.e. Spanish or French) during grade 9, following is the sequence to meet the a-g college admission requirement for world language:  Grade 9 - No world language course; Grade 10: World Language I; Grade 11- World Language II.

All courses taken to satisfy college admission requirements must be completed with a semester grade of C or higher.  


Grade 9   Grade 10  
Fall Semester Spring Semester Fall Semester Spring Semester
English I or Honors English I or Honors English II or Honors English II or Honors
Algebra I or higher math Algebra I or higher math Geometry or higher math Geometry or higher math
Biology or Honors Biology or Honors Concept. Physics or Physics or Chem (Reg or Honors) Concept. Physics or Physics or Chem (Reg or Honors)
Health CCP or CTE semester course World Hist. or AP European World Hist. or AP European
PE 9 or Sport PE 9 or Sport PE or Sport PE or Sport
World Language I World Language I World Language II World Language II
Credits = 30 Credits = 60 Credits = 90 Credits = 120
 Grade 11    Grade 12  
 Fall Semester  Spring Semester  Fall Semester  Spring Semester
English III or AP Language English III or AP Language English IV or AP Literature English IV or AP Literature
U.S. Hist. or AP U.S. Hist. U.S. Hist or AP U.S. Hist Amer Gov't or AP Amer Gov't Economic or AP Economics
Algebra II/Trig or higher math Algebra II/Trig or higher math Advanced Math Advanced Math
Advanced science class  Advanced science class Visual Performing Art Visual Performing Art
World Language III World Language III Elective Elective
Credits = 145 Credits = 170 Credits = 195 Credits = 220

Registering for Classes

8th Grade Students will register for their 9th grade high school classes during the spring of their 8th grade year.  The high school Academic Advisors will work with the middle school Academic Advisors to set up the 8th Grade Articulation visits in March.  Students will be given a course registration packet to be completed with their parents using the student portal.  This information will be used to compose the students 9th grade high school schedule.  Students will then participate in summer registration at which time they will be given a copy of their proposed schedule with an opportunity for adjustment if necessary.  As freshmen, students will complete the first part of their Four-Year plan and complete it during sophomore year. 

Students in grades 9, 10 and 11During PLACEMENT WEEK in February, 9th, 10th and 11th students will be placed in their lower division classes per the CUSD Course Placement Criteria. During Placement Week, teachers in the curricular areas of English, math, science and world language will review, update or add classes with the input of students.  Once teachers have completed placement, registration  materials and instructions on how to add their elective classes using their student portal will be available via LoopMail and on the SJHHS website.   Students and parents are encourage to  review the courses against  their Four-Year Plan and discuss placement changes with their teachers and Academic Advisor if necessary.  

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