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24 Hour Absence Line         (949) 234-5592  Please do not leave requests for early outs or reporting late arrivals on this line!

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Please refer to the SONGS Website  to learn more about preparation for a SONGS emergency.

First Day of School Procedures



Student Parking Information

Students must have a valid parking permit to park on campus beginning with the first day of school, Thurs., Sept. 4. Students MAY NOT arrive to school without a parking permit and park on campus. Students who plan to purchase a permit on the first day of school may not park on campus until they have a valid parking permit. SJHHS must have the opportunity process parking applications and confirm that those who are applying for permits meet the qualifications. All students who qualify for a parking permit may purchase one through ASB. Parking applications are available in the discipline office on the first day of school. Parking applications can take 1-2 days to process. Students may not park on campus until their applications are approved and they have been issued a parking permit.



Those students who missed walk-though registration must complete registration on the first day of school, Thurs., Sept. 4,  in the theater conference room at 7:15 a.m.. Students will be able to submit their annual forms, get their school ID and pick up their schedules at this time. Please arrive early enough to leave plenty of time to go through the registration process before school starts at 7:54 a.m. The registration process can take approximately 30-45 minutes. All students completing the registration process on the first day of school must update their information in Parent Portal in advance and bring their confirmation sheet with them along with the other necessary paperwork or they will be required to complete all of that on the morning of the first day of school. Registration packets are available at the school.


First Day of School Procedures

There is a zero period on the first day of school. Students who have a zero period will be contacted via automated phone message by Wed., Sept. 3. There will be a list posted on the school’s website of students by their ID numbers and the room where they need to report for zero period. Zero period starts at 6:54 a.m. Those students with a zero period can also look at the list for where to report for first period.


Traffic is significant in the first few weeks of school as people are still coordinating carpools and learning the traffic patterns at the school. Students and parents are encouraged to get to school very early and be patient. After school, there is less traffic later in the afternoon. Parents are encouraged to pick-up their child well after the school day ends as this allows for the student parking lot to clear and reduces congestion.


Students should arrive early on the first day of school to allow them time to find one of the lists of first period classes posted on campus. The list of where to report for first period will also be available on the school’s website by Wed., Sept. 3. The list posted on the school’s website will show student ID numbers and room numbers for where to report for first period.


Students will report to first period. Their first period teacher will distribute schedules during the last few minutes of first period so that students have an opportunity to review their schedules and plan how to navigate their day. Student locker information will be printed on students’ schedules so students will have access to their lockers when they leave first period.


Students should attend all of the classes listed on their schedule even if they believe there is an error on their schedule. Students may pick up and complete a Change of Class Request Form beginning at lunch on the first day of school, Thurs., Sept. 3.


The guidance office will be very busy on the morning of the first day of school completing enrollments of new students and registration. Any students or parents who report to the guidance office with scheduling concerns before lunch will be unable to speak to an academic advisor.


The school asks for your patience and that you review and follow the guidelines for making class change requests. It is common for students to have some movement in their class schedule during the first few weeks of school. Schedule change requests will be handled in a timely manner, usually within two days of receiving the Change of Class Request Form.


Freshmen who received their schedules at orientation should check the posted lists on the first day of school. It is possible that their schedule could have changed. When they report to their first period class, they will receive a schedule from their teacher. If the schedule they receive during first period is different than what they received during freshman orientation, they should follow the schedule they receive from their first period teacher on the first day of school.


If you attended registration and your name is tagged as needing to report to the Theater Conference Room on the first day of school for registration, please bring your ID card with you on the first day of school as evidence that you already completed registration. You will report to the front of the line at the Theater Conference Room and show the staff member there your student ID card. You will then be directed to someone who can provide you with your schedule.


Schedule Change Procedures

Schedule change requests may be initiated by students and parents from Thurs., Sept 4 through Wed., Sept. 17. While we would love to be able to allow students to change their preferences to their courses, we cannot honor requests to switch electives or other courses simply based on a change of preference. There are only a very limited number of reasons a student may request a schedule change.


Conditions for changes that will be considered include:

  • Missing Subject (i.e. no English, math, science, PE class, etc….)
  • Missing Period  or Double Period (i.e. no class scheduled during a particular period or 2 classes scheduled during the same period)
  • Concerns regarding level placement for English, math, science, social science and world language. (Excluding math for 9th grade students)
  • Adjustments for athletics/PE

Conditions that WILL NOT be honored include:

  • Teacher requests
  • Period changes
  • Elective changes
  • Preference changes

To initiate a schedule change, students MUST complete a GREEN “Class Schedule Change Request” form  and return it to the Guidance Office for review.  Until the Guidance Office has reviewed the form, STUDENTS MUST CONTINUE TO ATTEND THE CLASSES ON THEIR CURRENT SCHEDULE.  Forms will be available in the Guidance Office beginning at lunch on the first day of school. 


The academic advisors will review the green Class Schedule Change Request forms they receive before answering emails or phone calls. The best way to communicate a request is to submit the schedule change request form.


Please note that students will not be seen during class time, unless called to the Guidance Office. Academic Advisors will be available to speak with students before school, during break, during lunch and after school. Students who have completed and turned in a schedule change form (including the required parent signatures) will have priority.  Students who have not completed a schedule change form will not be seen.  Requests will not be accepted by phone or email.  Please note that Academic Advisors may take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours to review schedule change forms depending on the volume of forms received.  Completing and turning in a form does not guarantee that a change can or will be made to a student’s schedule.


The last day to make level changes or to drop a non-required class is the end of the 4th week of school: Friday, October 3.


It matters! You matter! we are looking forward to working with SJHHS families to make this a great school year. 

New On-line Student Enrollment

If your child is new to CUSD, please click here to complete your enrollment on-line.

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Parent Portal Info

Parents are encouraged to create a Parent Portal access account, which will allow them to update student information in the District’s database, review student attendance by period and see an unofficial transcript of their child’s progress.

Information regarding creating a Parent Portal account can be found at: or by going to the district’s main web site and finding the Parent Portal link under Parent Links. Instructions for creating an account can be found by clicking here or by following the information that is available on the district’s website under the Parent Portal link.

Please note that 3 pieces of information are required in order to create the account.  

  1. Your home phone number
  2. Your student’s 7-digit identification number
  3. A Verification Pass Code  (The student ID number and Verification Pass Code are printed on their report card)

A letter containing this information will also be mailed to parents without portal accounts prior to registraton should a report card not be available.  Assistance is also available from the front office once it reopens on August 13, 2013.

Students should also create a Student Portal account so that they have access to the same information and records as the Parent Portal. Students need their seven digit student ID number, an email address (must be different than their parents’), and the unique verification code that was used to create the Parent Portal account. Beginning next school year, students will use their Student Portal account to complete the registration process and choose their classes. It will be essential for students to have a valid Student Portal account to properly register for courses in the future. Students will not have the ability to change the data that parents enter in the Parent Portal. Information regarding opening a Student Portal account is available at .


San Juan Hills High School Graduates are . . .

Successful:  We meet or exceed academic expectations.

Just:  We are tolerant, ethical, and open-minded.

Healthy:  We make self-disciplined, responsible choices that promote our well being.

Highly Competent:  We think critically, solve problems, and make informed decisions.

Skillful:  We communicate in effective and creative ways. 


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Homecoming on the Range

Homecoming week starts Monday, September 15th.  The Homecoming Football Game is Friday, September 19th at 7:00pm in the Badlands Stadium.  The Homecoming Dance is Saturday, September 20th, 8:00pm-11:00pm in the gym.


Tickets Prices:

- September 4 - September 12: $25 with ASB, $35 without

- September 15 - September 19: $35 with ASB, $45 without


All students must have a dance contract on file in order to purchase a ticket.  Non SJHHS guests require a guest contract and guests pay the non ASB price.



2014 HC guest contract


CUSD 2015-16 Calendar has been adopted. The 2015 start date will be August 25, so be sure to make vacation plans accordingly.

CUSD 2015-16 Calendar


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